Books1: Mental Health Through Will-Training

Mental Health Through Will Training: A System of Self-Help in Psychotherapy as Practiced by Recovery, Incorporated

The Recovery Method is described in detail in Abraham Low's book Mental Health Through Will-Training. Each week we read and discuss one chapter from this book. Members normally purchase their own copy, this book is available from several sources.


An older edition can also be found, this version is almost the same as the latest edition, although the preface and introduction are different, and the page numbering is different. Many of our attendees use this edition:

 Mental Health Through Will-Training: A System of: Abraham A. Low,
  • Several web sites carry used copies, which are sometimes $12 or less, see:
  • There are also electronic versions:

Table of Contents

The chapters in each revision have the same titles, although the page numbers are different due to fonts and minor layout changes used in the various editions. There is a good cross reference sheet here: