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Anxiety and depression can be very difficult to deal with. Recovery Canada holds several meetings in Hamilton and the surrounding area where you can participate in discussion sessions which present the use of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT) tools. The meeting format is described in the following links:

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Meetings: Activities and Key Concepts

This page summarizes the details for the Westdale Hamilton meeting held at Binkley Church on Tuesdays. For meeting details at other locations see: Hamilton Area Meetings.

Meeting Location and Times

Tuesday 7:30pm - 9pm
Binkley United Church, 
1570 Main Street West, 
Hamilton Ontario

Binkley United Church has hosted Recovery meetings for many years. Binkley Church is located just west of McMaster on Main street between Kingsmount and Cottrill.

1570 Main St. West

Usually we meet on the first floor on the south side of Binkley Church in The Parlour.

Enter the building from the west door adjacent to the parking lot, climb a short set of stairs and turn right and go to the end of the hallway. Occasionally another group will be using The Parlour and we will sometimes be located on the 2nd floor in The Music Room. Enter by the same door, and climb the stairs all the way up. We try to post a sign on the staircase railing indicating which room we are in. The Binkley Church custodian is quite friendly and can direct you if you can't find us, or are unsure about meeting times.

Time: Tuesday 7:30pm - 9pm

The first meeting in 2018 will be held on Tuesday January 9th. In 2018 we are meeting regularly throughout the winter. Meetings are usually 90 minutes. Normally some people arrive a little before the meeting. Occasionally meetings are cancelled due to bad weather or other commitments of the organisers.

We often go to a nearby coffee shop after the meeting. This gives members a chance to get to know each other in a less formal setting.

Attendees and Leader: Dennis

Our group is small with less than 10 regular members and an average turn out of 5-10 people each week. Dennis runs our group, he has been involved in Recovery Canada for over 20 years. Dennis can answer questions over the telephone, his number is 905-684-4698. Dave is a regular attendee and can be reached at recovery.hamilton.meetings@gmail.com.

Time to Learn: Suggest at least 3 months

While the Recovery method is simple it is not easy. You can attend a meeting without making any formal commitment, and we understand that not everyone will attend all meetings. Realistically it takes at least about 12 meetings to get a good grasp of the methods.

The Recovery method does not provide a quick fix, rather it provides a path to learn new habits and long term support for nervous individuals.

Contributions: Suggested $5

The group leader normally asks for contributions for the maintenance of Recovery International. The fees are used to promote Recovery, to pay for leader training, and to otherwise keep the administration of the organisation going.

The donation is optional.

Additional Announcements

We have a meetup group page with some additional announcements. See:


Recovery is one of several mental health groups that advertise on www.meetup.com. You may find other groups on www.meetup.com that are interesting and helpful.

Other Groups

For a list of other Recovery meetings in the area please refer to Hamilton Area Meetings and the Recovery Canada Meetings page.

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Meetings: Activities and Key Concepts

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